Empower human capabilities

Digitizing the world of health-tech designing Health & Wellness solutions to empower human capabilities

Empower human capabilities

Digitizing the world of health-tech designing Health & Wellness solutions to empower human capabilities

Introducing our first product:


Sixto is a wearable grasping device designed to compensate missing hand functions and to give a functional scope to the disabled arm. Sixto as a robotic daily living device increase independence in every day activities stimulating and active and healthy lifestyle.

How does it work?

Sixto is designed to create a hybrid grasping between the hand and the robotic finger fixing objects for direct grasping actions like holding a bag, or bimanual operations like opening a bottle. Sixto is a wearable light technology and it’s very simple to use. Using your voice with few simple commands Sixto follows you in daily activities.

Higher quality service enabled by Sixto:

Digital therapy

The Digital therapy is a higher quality service created to connect users and therapists remotely everywhere and anytime. Thanks to a remote connection between the intelligent grasping technology, Sixto, and the digital platform users can perform autonomously neuro rehabilitation exercises and occupational therapy tasks managed and customized by healthcare specialists. Sixto used combined with the user’s app, collects and transmits qualitative and quantitative data to provide the therapist all the information about the use of the device.

Neuro rehabilitation exercises

Exercise taken from functional neuro rehabilitation technique to involve the core and upper side of the body and, specifically, the proximal upper limb giving to the disabled arm a new functional scope. Below some example from the 4 cluster of functional neuro rehabilitation exercises made with Sixto:
  • Hand-eye coordination (e.g. pyramid building)
  • Bilateral coordination (e.g. Simons’ game)
  • Upper limb-core strengthening (e.g. biceps strengthening)
  • Task oriented abilities (e.g. pour off)

Occupational therapy tasks

Occupational therapy is tightly focused on the specific needs and interests of each user, where activities and tasks are customized to find the right strategy for restoring the activities of daily living that truly matter to the user. Using Sixto in daily living activists involve the user to engage both the upper limbs defining new grasping strategies, customized on their personal disability or their interests. Here some example of daily tasks witch the user could solve with Sixto, involving directly the disable arm into the action or for enabling bimanual grasping activities.
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Demo session days with users and healthcare specialists


Official clinical partnership with centers from Italy and Austria

Do you want to try Sixto?

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The Existo team


Existo partecipate at many exhibitions presenting its first product in these years like Make Faire 2019 at Rome and the CES 2020 in Las Vegas, receiving great interest from consumers and from media.
Existo was awarded by CariploCrew, powered by Cariplo Foundation, and by MoreThanDIS, powered by Accenture Foundation, which both promote the development of ideas and solutions for ethical and social application.

Where we are

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