Light exoskeletons
for human empowerment

Existo designs and manufactures light wearable technologies to augment human capabilities in daily living.

Assisting humans in
long and short term trauma.
For the value of independency.


Our first product


The sixth robotic finger is 
a multi-use assistive device that enables grip capabilities for people with reduced hand functions.

Thanks to the patented design of the finger that alternates rigid and soft elements driven by an internal motorized tendon, Sixto better adapts to the grip of objects of different shapes and sizes, controlled remotely by the user through a ring or EMG band.


An year of success

Sixto was recently awarded by CariploCrew, powered by Cariplo Foundation, and by MoreThanDIS, powered by Accenture Foundation, which both promote the development of ideas and solutions for ethical and social application.

Meet us

We are proud to announce our presence at
CES 2020 in Las Vegas.


Find out more at

+39 02 4590 2000

Enterprise Address

Via San Martino 12,
Milan 20122, Italy